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    Let AB Sydney Waterproofing be your first choice for waterproofing your buildings!!

    AB Sydney Waterproofing offers a wide range of waterproofing solutions to suit tiles, floors, rooftops, bathrooms, balconies, terraces, courtyards, laundries, box gutters, planter boxes, brick walls, Dincel walls, swimming pools, Water leak detection and lift shafts throughout Sydney, Australia. Our waterproofing membrane is strong, flexible, tear-resistant and elastic and can take any shape it is laid over, and is capable of turning up and stretch over walls and other construction features. The membrane can be exposed to the sun and can remain stable in all weather conditions.

    There might be many reasons why you need waterproofing membranes. While common ones include improper construction years ago, cracks, constant exposure to water, and so on. Whatever may be the reason, we make sure that you receive the best services that resolve all your issues. The two types of waterproofing membrane are used based on whether it is new construction or an existing building.

    Sheet Based Waterproofing Membranes Sydney

    This type of sheet based membrane is available in the form of rolls. They are stuck to the substrate with a hot adhesive using blowtorches. The joints between sheets are critical and must be done perfectly to avoid gaps and leaks. Since they are factory-produced, they are of superior quality.

    Liquid Based Waterproofing Membranes Sydney

    As the name suggests, the liquid membranes are in the form of liquid, which is then sprayed or brush-applied on the surface. The thickness can be controlled by applying more or less liquid chemicals per unit area. As this is joint-free, they are considered to be superior in providing the right thickness and sealing.

    AB Sydney has over 5 years of experience in offering waterproofing membranes that will not tear and have high stability. With a team of licensed and experienced waterproofing, we ensure that the project is completed safely and efficiently. We have delivered seamless waterproofing services to various business, commercial and residential projects across Sydney Australia.

    Looking for professional waterproofers in Sydney to protect your property against leaks? Call AB Waterproofing Services Sydney @ 0449 725 455.

    We use modern waterproofing techniques & strong membranes covered with cement plaster mixed with waterproofing additive to make roofs, bathrooms, pools, tiles, walls or any areas water resistant over a longer period of time.

    Common Causes of Water leaks:

    Water leaks can be caused by a variety of factors, but one of the most common is an old waterproofing membrane that needs replacing. Waterproofing membranes are designed to keep water out of the building envelope and they are essential for protecting a home or commercial building from damage due to water infiltration. Over time, these membranes can become worn, cracked, or otherwise damaged, water leaks is an old and worn-out waterproofing membrane. Waterproof membranes are designed to protect structures from water damage by keeping water out. However, over time, these membranes can become brittle, cracked, or worn away, leaving gaps and openings that allow water to seep in. To prevent water damage and leaks, it is important to inspect your waterproofing membrane periodically and replace it if necessary. In some cases, the membrane may need to be replaced entirely, while in other cases, only certain sections may need to be replaced. Replacing a worn-out waterproofing membrane is an important step towards preventing water leaks and protecting the structure from water damage. This can allow water to seep through and cause damage to the building’s interior. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to inspect waterproofing membranes regularly and replace them when necessary. AB Sydney waterproofing professional contractor can help identify any areas that need to be repaired or replaced and can provide advice on the best course of action. Taking care of your waterproofing membrane is an important part of maintaining your building and preventing costly water leaks.

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    Our gamut of waterproofing solutions are ideal for commercial and residential structures to maintain the integrity of the buildings.

    Swimming Pools

    We specialize in waterproofing for all lift shafts in Sydney...


    AB Sydney offers professional bathroom waterproofing...


    AB Sydney provides expert remedial waterproofing...


    Waterproofing remedial solution has become...


    At AB Sydney, we offer an impeccable waterproofing...


    AB Sydney offers faultless waterproofing...

    Box Gutters

    We specialize in providing a total waterproofing...

    Planter Boxes

    Planter box is a great option to protect your balcony...

    Brick Walls

    AB Sydney is the best name to trust for your brick walls...

    Dincel Walls

    AB Sydney offers professional Dincel Wall waterproofing...

    Lift Shafts

    We specialize in waterproofing for all lift shafts in Sydney...

    Tile Injection

    At AB Sydney, we are highly trained in tile injection services...

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    Having more than 5 years of experience, we only engage with certified and highly qualified contractors to do the job perfectly. We continually aim at delivering high-quality workmanship on all the jobs.


    All our products and services have an unbeatable 7-year warranty. Probably, in events that you didn’t expect to see the desired result, you are free to call us any time. We will fix it at the earliest.


    This is one of the reasons why we provide a warranty on all our products and services. It can become a very expensive mistake if you engage with contractors that use low-quality, cheaper materials.
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